Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Whatsapp Plus: What and How To Get It?

Whatsapp, the next big thing in the world of instant messaging apps like Whatsapp. It has changed the way we used to communicate with our friends and share our stuff. With over a billion user base Whatsapp is the cool text messaging apps one can find.

Although the billion users base doesn’t mean it’s a perfect. If you have to play around the privacy settings, you won’t find much to hang around. That’s how Whatsapp Plus was born. It’s nothing but the modified version of the Whatsapp that helps you to tweak some core options that usually lack in the official one. But finding the best source to download Whatsapp Plus APK is a pain the ass. Most of the sites claiming have infected files, which would ruin your smartphone if you are not taking care of it.

Here we have some general context about Whatsapp Plus, and finally, we have the verified Whatsapp Plus APK to download. Which was tested and confirmed by Android Crush team, so you don’t have to worry about that. Let’s dive in!

What is Whatsapp Plus?


Whatsapp Plus was developed by the Spanish Developers, which is the mod of Whatsapp that is bundled with some nice features. With Whatsapp Plus, you can disable the last seen, blue tick mark, custom user interface, large file sharing limits and many others.

You are not harmed in any way by using the Whatsapp Plus, which is termed as the Anti-ban feature. If you have harnessed the power of Whatsapp Plus, it would be a great go.

It secures your Whatsapp account from being sued by the hackers or banning of your account. After all, it is a mod with some exciting features. So nothing to worry about! Even if anyone makes use of the WhatsApp bomber to attack you!

    Share large Files

Now you can share large files without any restriction; it helps if you are sharing too much stuff.

    Disable tick marks

With Whatsapp Plus APK, you can disable the double and blue tick marks for your account. It helps you to stay calm even after seeing the messages.

    Disable Last Seen

If you need to be hidden of like to stay anonymous then Whatsapp Plus is for you. It helps you to disable last seen or status of your account.

Whatsapp Plus apk Download For android whatsapp Plus 2016 free

WhatsApp PLUS apk 2016 is a simple application with which WhatsApp, the most famous instant can probably adapt Messenger of the world, even more than before. Thanks WhatsApp PLUS 2016 are, for example, more color palettes and many backgrounds to decorate his conversations, to choose from. To all these access content, you only have the options under WhatsApp call and there PLUS select. There you can adjust everything to suit the program and the talks will. latest WhatsApp PLUS is an interesting extension for WhatsApp with which one can give his conversations a very personal touch.

To install WhatsApp PLUS 2016, no previous version of WhatsApp must already be installed. In certain ROMs WhatsApp PLUS can cause problems, so installing the application in this case is not recommended. If you see the message ‘The date of the device is incorrect. Adjust your clock and try again ‘is replaced, you should update the version of WhatsApp.

Pictures of WhatsApp PLUS 2016 Android View

Questions about WhatsApp PLUS 2016 (Android APK Users Review On Previous Version )
Install whatsapp but it is no longer verified

Whatsapp can indeed download and install it but just not verified since I uninstalled it due to problems. The normal not verified normally only whatsapp plus. Did it several times already reinstalled and downloaded the latest version but it does not go down. Anyone have any idea?

Hey, I have a problem, which is that for me the initialization is not hinhaut. I can easily enter the number, but as soon as I am with picture and name and I “continue” to press, is equal to the briefly that the process was stopped, and I come back to the widget. I have – full speed Internet restarted – – battery and SIM card out and plugged stopped and uninstalled apps – – Whatsapp uninstall and reinstall but nothing helps. If I try again, I’ll come back to name the picture, but it always happens the same process terminates and throws me back to the widget. Also have the normal Whatsapp again up done, now there is a problem there too.

WhatsAppp can not be opened due to old version

I have whatsapp plus 2016 some time. Then I have the latest update not done and then stands there now, if I’m on it want my version is too old, below is still such a box where I can push it, where is it “download”. When I click on it there, I come to play store on the normal whatsapp. Then I clicked plus again here on the Internet on whatsapp on “download”, but I still do not come on whatsapp plus